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WHAT IS CUSTOMER SERVICE? Why is it Important for Business?

The advantages of treating your customers right are limitless; learn about them...

THE WORLD'S BLACK BILLIONAIRES IN 2021 people who made the list of billionaires and how they gained their financial status...

5 Things You Need To Know About The Newly Released eNaira

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari launched Nigeria's digital currency at the Presidential Villa in Abuja...


See the top 5 performing companies in the Nigerian business sector, they are ranked from #1 to #5 based on their market cap as of the first quarter of 2021.


In this post, we will rank the top telecom companies in Nigeria according to their subscriber base with data from the second quarter of 2021.


Nigeria has managed to maintain a high percentage among the top 10 companies in West Africa.


We outline the top performing 20 African companies in 2021 ranked by their market capitalization as of March, 2021.


What are small businesses, what makes a company a small business? Learn more here...

B2B Companies: What They Are, How They Operate

What are B2B companies, what do they do? Find out in this post...

Business Growth Strategies with Examples

The four major business growth strategies.

The Truth About Business Growth and the Various Metric to Measure Business Growth

What does it really mean for a business to grow?

8 Characteristics You Should Look For in a Business Mentor

Qualities you should watch for before chosing a business mentor

3 Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur Needs a Business Mentor to Succeed

Mentorship in business and what you stand to gain form a Mentorship as an entrepreneur...

7 Steps Every Entrepreneur Needs to Take Before Starting a Business

Learn vital points you need to consider before kick starting your business

5 Businesses You Can Start Without Breaking Your Bank

Learn 5 ways to make money easily.

How to Spot a Pyramid Scheme Using These Six Red Flags

Save your time effort and money by checking these six red flags before joining any network marketing business

4 Top Nigerian Tech Startups and Important Lessons From Their Journey to the Top

Valuable lessons to learn from these top tech startup stories.

9 Key Elements Your Business Plan Cannot Do Without

If you need to write a business plan, these elements would enable you write one that is up to standard.

5+ Why Every Entrepreneur Needs a Business Plan to Succeed

7 reasons why you need to write business plan now.

Understanding Business Plans and Why Every Business Needs One

Find out why every business needs a business plan and more...

How to Write an Executive Summary That Produces Results

This piece gives a step by step explanation on the process of writing a great executive summary.

Write Your Business Proposal in Six Easy Steps

How to write a compelling business proposal in six easy steps.

What is a Business Proposal? Tips for a Great Business Proposal

8 tips on how to write a great business proposal and more.

5 Reasons Why You Need to Specialization as a Business Strategy

The benefits of specialization for businesses

Is Specialization a Smart Move for Small Businesses?

Find out the types of Specialization and if it is a smart move for businesses.

What is Specialization in the Business Market?

Short read on specialization especially for small businesses.

How to Start an Emergency Fund and Save Your Business

Learn how to set up an emergency fund savings account for your business in four easy steps.

How to Protect Your Business From the Risks of 'Hard Times'

What are emergency funds? Why does your business need emergency funds? These and more in this 3 mins read.

6 Types of Branding Every Entrepreneur Should Know

More on branding. The top 6 Types of branding you need to know.

Understanding Branding; The Components of Branding in Business

An in-depth examination on the components of branding

What Branding Really Means for Business Owners?

Since a brand isn't your business logo or name, what then is it? Find out in this short 1 minute read.

8 Reasons Why You Should Consider Dropservicing Today

The benefits of dropshipping as a business model in 8 simple points.

Latest Business Trend: Drop Servicing the New Gold Mine

Everything you need to know about Dropservicing and how to start your own dropservicing business

9 Unwritten Rules of Dropshipping You Need to Succeed

The rules every beginner in dropshipping need to know to achieve both long term and short term goals.

Dropshipping: What it Means, it's Benefits and Shortfalls

In this enlightening short 2 minutes read, we'd demystify dropshipping, explore what drop shipping is, how it works, it's benefits and shortfalls.

Bootstrapping in Business: It's Advantages and Disadvantages for Startups

Do you plan to start up a business soon or later? Have you just started a business? You need to read this piece. It explains bootstrapping in simple terms, explores in details, it's advantages and disadvantages for business start ups with examples.

Top In Demand Skills to Learn in 2021

To have an edge in the business sector, invest in yourself with at least one of the following top skills in demand now.

Why You Need Business Networking to Succeed as an Entrepreneur

What is networking? How does it serve as a strategy to grow your business? These questions and more would be answered in this educating 3 minutes read. Enjoy.

10 Business Models You Need to Know

All you need to know about what business models are, why you need a business model and some types of business models.

How to Prepare a Powerful Business Presentation

Do you want to prepare an outstanding, badass business presentation but don't know how to go about it? Fear not, in this post, you have been given top tips on how to get properly prepared for your business presentation.

Five Top Cryptocurrency You Need to Invest in 2021

Cryptocurrencies are simply virtual or digital money in form of tokens and coins. They are intangible and can be used for transactions, investments and in the case of bitcoin, tax payment.


Starting a business can be scary but, it can be exciting and fulfilling too if you have the secrets to establishing a successful business.

How Do I Measure My Business Progress?

Want to know if you should keep up with the business or you should look for something else? Or perhaps, you just want to know the strength of your business, how your business is progressing?

Impressive Ways To Make New Customers and Clients

Make well-spoken speeches, offer donations, just participate in the events and you don’t know how many more new clients and customers you get to have.

Building Strong Customer Relationship

Customer relationship is that special relationship you and a person gets to have and intend on making it a solid life time relationship. Bear in mind you cannot go about having a business without people contributing in it.

Businesses You Can Start With Less Capital

Ways you can raise capital to finance your great ideas include partnership, fundraising, loans, friends and family support. When finance becomes a big deal, there are some little businesses you can start with less capital.

10 Ways To Grow Your New Business

Consider creating a brand awareness in your local community or a specific area. That way, you could attract your new business by sponsoring events or programmes. It will help in giving your business profile a thumbs up.

10 Essential Elements To Generate Business Leads

When you keep posting regularly on social media, you will be able to keep attracting people to your post and platform and you will have their thoughts at most times when they need services.

Things To Consider Before Starting Your New Business

Most times in life when you are ready to take important decisions such as starting up a new business, you need to get a good mentor someone who can advise you and guide you on the right path. And when looking for a good mentor look for someone who understands your field of business too.