Top In Demand Skills to Learn in 2021

Shalom Solomon

Going to school and acquiring a certificate is not sufficient these days most especially in the job market.
The advent of the digital age has made many companies turn from certifications in favour of skills. The question has moved from "where did you school?" to "can you do?".

It started started with basic computer knowledge, then MS skills when Microsoft office became popular software for businesses and companies. 
Presently, with most businesses operations moving from humans to machines, employment has also shifted to people who can operate these machines.
To have an edge in the business sector, invest in yourself with at least one of the following top skills in demand now.

1. Web development

Career foundry defines web development as the process of building websites and web applications for the internet (world wide web) or for a private network known as intranet.
Web development is mainly focused on the programming and coding aspect that is the engine behind the workings of the website.
Businesses have started going digital and more have gone digital to adjust to the trends and challenges brought on the 2020 Pandemic.

It is expected for any business to have an online presence even if it doesn't have a physical one. 
As a result of this, the demand for web developers to build and maintain these websites has been on the increase and is expected to increase by 8% in ten years time.
There are currently, 264 job vacancies for web developers on Jobberman in Nigeria alone.
To become a web developer, you'll need to learn how to code with programming languages like CSS, JavaScript, HTML, etc.
These can be learnt online or at a physical programming or web development school such as the Extrigs! Boot Camp.

2. Content Writing

eCommerce is becoming increasingly popular and with it digital marketing. Content writing is an integral part of the digital marketing strategy; content marketing.
Content writing is simply writing online for a website, blog, social media platform in view of subtly marketing a client's business or brand.

A content writer basically markets products or services through valuable content.
You do not exactly need a bachelor's degree to be a content writer. If you have strong research skills and the passion to write, with a few online courses, you are well on your way to being a content writer.

3. Copy Writing

Copywriting is the process of creating a clear, compelling copy to sell products and services, educate and engage consumers using persuasive writing on websites, blog posts, promotional materials, social media platforms, newsletters, etc.
Copywriting is sometimes mistakened to be content writing. Though, they share similarities, they are very different.

Where content writing subtly markets a business or product through delivery of valuable content, copywriting goes all out and with the intent purpose of marketing a product. Every word in a copy is intended to sell that product.
You can learn copywriting from the comfort of your home through online courses.

4. Digital Marketing

It has been established that the world is more digital than it was ten years ago, heck, even two years ago.
Presently, more than 50% of the world's population have access to the internet and spend time there shopping, studying, getting entertainment, working and so on.
Businesses have followed suit and taken to market their products through these devices too.
Digital marketing is simply any marketing effort through electronic devices and on online platforms.
Digital marketing is very broad, it covers Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing and others.

A digital marketer is expected to understand to have a basic understanding of these vital concepts of digital marketing and understand how to manage them to promote and market a business, website or product.
To become a digital marketer, there are a plethora of online resources such as online courses, articles and video tutorials on digital marketing. You can also attend digital marketing Conferences and Seminars to learn one on one from experts and professionals in the field and recieve the necessary certification.

5. Data Analytics

A data analyst collects raw data, processes and turns them to understand as information that would aid the decision making process of a business.
Data analyst are in high demand in all sectors of the commercial and business world. They are needed to work data for the health care sector, in Banks and Financial institutions, private enterprises, government bodies and so on.
The Bureau of Labour Statistics predicts that the employment of data analysts would grow by 11% from 2012 to 2024 - faster than other occupations.

To be a data analyst, you will need for a start, a degree or diploma in Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Information Science or Information Technology.
You will also need problem solving skills, critical thinking skills, basic programming skills, organizational skills, mathematical skill, presentation and oral communication skills among others.

To move further form entry level data analytics jobs, you'll require extra certification. So, a 3 to 6 months or more online certification course would set you on your way.
Experience is also a requirement for top level data analytics jobs, so you can start out by interning with a data analytics team.
Although, given the shortage of skilled data analysts, the lack of experience may be overlooked.

6. UI/UX Design

User Interface design deals with the creation of the part of a website or application that users can see, touch and use. 

User Experience design on the other hand deal with the ease with which users are able to navigate and operate a website or application.
Both are very important for the smooth running of a website. User interface design focuses on the general outlook of the website, the buttons, comment boxes, text, font style, placement of graphics and so on.
So, for every active (and inactive) website, there is a UI and UX designer.
There are no professional degree courses in tertiary institutions for UI/UX design, probably because it is a recent profession. It might also be because everyday, new trends for UI and UX design come up. So, by the time you are done with school whatever knowledge you've gathered might be considered outdated.
Like almost all other skills on this list, UI/UX design can be learnt online or take web development and design courses at institutions like Extrigs! Boot Camp.

7. Mobile App Development

Everything digital is aiming for smaller, faster, easily accessible and lighter. Hence the growing popularity of smart phones, where you can do almost anything from shopping, surfing the net, writing codes, booking flights and so much more. 
These functions on phones are most often than not embedded in mobile applications. These days, there is almost always an app for every website. This is the major reason why logo design experts advise that logos should be created in such a way that they'd be visible as app symbols.
In 2018, there were around 2.8 million mobile applications on Google Play. In 2020, reports from statisca and App Annie show more than 592 million daily app downloads!
Bottom line is, mobile apps are the trending thing now.

Mobile app developers make more than web app developers per annum. So, if you are a web developer, consider adding App development skill to your arsernal.
 If you are not (a web developer), and you need a skill that would line your pockets fast, then mobile app development is what you should go for. Although, it is advised that you start with web development before moving to mobile app development for a well rounded skill set.

To start a career as a a mobile app developer, you would need to take courses on mobile app development and learn how to code. You can also use mobile app development software if you do not know how to code. 
Extrigs!Boot Camp also offers courses on mobile app development at very affordable prices with professionals to guide you at every turn even after graduating.


All the career lines listed in this feature are in high demand and they pay well too. They do not except for maybe data analytics, require a full degree course in a university , a majority can be learned from with even your mobile phone. But they require dedication and passion to learn.

To succeed in any of the career paths you'll need to really be skilled at what you do.
Having certification alone without skill would not land you  that hot web development job. Though, it would give you an edge over others as most employers prefer to hire graduates.

My point is, you cannot wing it with these kind of jobs, you have to actually know what you are doing.
Check out Extrigs! Boot Camp for courses on web development, Mobile App development and so much more.
Invest in yourself, learn a skill today.
Thank you for reading.

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