The Importance of a Good User Experience Design

Shalom Solomon

User Experience is imperative for the success of any product or service, digital or otherwise. Products these days especially digital products like apps and websites are expected to have a great UX design. 
Initially, digital products (Apple products) that invested in UX design were seen as unique, special. When it became apparent that UX contributed immensely to the success of these products, other businesses started to follow suit and now UX has become an expectation from products.

User Experience Design

User Experience Design according to Steve Jobs, doesn't only affect what a product looks like but also how it works.
A definition of user experience that I agree touches all aspects of User Experience is that of it's creator. User experience is defined by Donald Norman (who I've mentioned too many times now) as a concept that encompasses all aspects of the end-user's interaction with a company, it's products and services.

Therefore, user experience design is the process of designing the wireframe of a UI using research findings to determine the best way a product can solve a user's problem.
Essentially, it is a method of design that places the users as top priority.

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The Importance of User Experience Design

It is assumed that if someone needs something badly enough, the end would justify the means right?
Well, this school of thought works if there is only one "means". And we can all agree that there are numerous companies and businesses in every niche of life. 
Statistics have also proven that users would always go for companies with products and services that priotize the needs of users.
Are you're still wondering why companies and businesses should consider UX design when their product "works"?
I'll tell you.

1. High ROI and conversion rates

Every business in the digital market is consistently fussing over Return on Investment and Conversion rates. A good UX design would improve the ROI and conversion rates of your website. Your ad might attract visitors, but good UX would turn them to loyal customers. 
Let's assume you go to an online store to buy blue sneakers and there is no provision to specify the colour and shoe size you want. Most users won't go through the hassle of contacting the business via email, they'd just go to the next available option.

2. Solve User's Problem

User experience design requires research on user's needs and the best way to satisfy a user's problem. As such, good UX design should be able to find solutions to a user's problem based on the user's personality and using it's features to identify efficient strategies to solve a user's problem in line with the business' objectives.
Thus, providing the most efficient solution to a user's problem in a timely manner.
It a boils down to the usability and intuitiveness of a product.

3. Positive Experience and Reviews

A frustrated user would never give your product a five star review on Google play or Amazon. UX design prioritize a user's needs meaning the user would have a good experience on every stage of operation on your webpage or app. This would consequently generate positive reviews for your company and products.

4. Referrals

When people discover something good, they like to share their experience with others. When you consistently solve a user's problem with great UX, you'd be sure to get referrals from customers to others with similar problems.

5. Reduces Expenses

A good User Experience Design would define clearly every step in the use of a product, such that the user would not require additional support to make use of the product. 
Therefore, sparing you the cost of placing standby support personnel. A user would have little or no need to call or contact you for clarification or complaints if your webpage makes provisions with clear instructions and labels for every step. 


Finally, all these benefits would definitely boost and ease the strain of operations both on your end and your users end.
Bottom line: User Experience Design is important, do not neglect your users when creating your business, product or service.
Thanks for reading :)

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