How to Promote Your Business Using a Powerful Email Marketing Campaign

Shalom Solomon

Email marketing is a strategy for digital marketing that involves the sending of mails to prospective clients and costumers. The main aim of email marketing strategy is to convert these prospective clients to customers and make them return to your business anytime they require a service or product you offer.
Email marketing is the oldest online marketing strategy. It has been around for a long time and is still a very much valid marketing strategy. Data collected from surveys in 2018 placed email marketing as atop digital marketing strategy over social media marketing. 
That is to say, if you are not using email marketing because you believe it's outdated, then you are missing out on a great way to promote your business.

A successful email marketing campaign consists of five essential components
1. Your email list
2. Content
3. Delivery schedule
4. Email marketing Analytics
5. Consistence

1. Your Email List

The first and most important step in starting email marketing is getting the email addresses themselves. This process is called email list building and the result is your email list. 
In order to build your email list, you'll need "Opt in forms".
Opt in forms are a form of consent given by internet users authorizing a third party to contact them via email. So they basically give you their email address and permission to send them emails.

Without this permission or authorization, every email you send would go straight to spam and we know people rarely open their spam folder.
This is why, buying email lists or entering email gotten from business cards or other means is a bad idea for building an email list.
Create an inviting and captivating Opt in form with an attached offer to serve as incentive. Such as:
- Free products or services like song downloads, PDF files, e-books, free samples or templates.
- The incentive can be the content users would have access to once they subscribe like updates, newsletters, informative emails, etc.

2. Content

Establish what kind of content you'll be offering through your emails. It is often productive to do this in your email or Opt in form.
Welcome emails are very important. Once you get a new subscriber, the first follow-up email you send should be a welcome email. Using an automated mail response tool would enable you do this quickly and efficiently.
Now, no matter the kind of content you'll be sending your subscribers keep in mind that the main aim of email marketing is to basically make more sales. That does not mean that you should bombard your subscriber's inbox with sales pitches. 
Remember that you were granted permission to send these mails and if they become annoying, irritating or prove to be useless, the user might unsubscribe; which is bad of course.

If your emails are meant to be transactional and advertise your products, services and updates, it is advisable to state so from the onset so subscribers would know what content they would be getting.
In the case where the email marketing type is a newsletter or informative, completely transitioning to solely sales pitches might lead to loss of subscribers. You can throw in sales or promotional emails once in a while or find a way to include your ads into your informative email or newsletter.

3. Delivery Schedule

Planning and maintaining a content delivery schedule is vital for email marketing. 
How often do you send your emails? Would the set schedule appeal to your subscribers? Can you work with the schedule?
These are important questions to ask when drafting a delivery schedule for your email marketing marketing campaign. Your schedule can be set to one mail per month, bi-monthly, weekly or daily.

4. Email Marketing Analysis

The importance of analyzing the performance of your Email marketing strategy cannot be over emphasized. Email marketing analysis enables you determine:
  • Your open rate: How many subscribers actually open your mails.
  • Your Click through Rate (CTR): which is the number of subscribers that click on links in your emails.
  • Your email earnings, which is basically how much of your sales that come from your email subscribers. 

Email marketing analytics would enable you determine if your strategy is productive or not.
This would be glaringly obvious when you notice low open rates on your emails, this may mean that your content does not appeal to subscribers. 
In the case, where the number of unsubscribers higher than opt-ins, a total reevaluating of your whole email marketing strategy is in order.

5. Consistency

Consistency is key in marketing. You might have great content, but fail to keep up with the promised schedule for subscribers, you'd have a blackout that might result in loss of subscribers.
If you do not also maintain the quality and type of content in your emails, your subscribers may lose interest and unsubscribe.
Don't go from emailing newsletters to sending updates or a long essay on what your subscriber isn't interested in, you might end up losing subscribers and potential customers.

Other important components for email marketing are
  • Using email service tools like Mail Chimp, SendinBlue, OptinMonster, etc.
  • Segment your email list, group your subscribers so you'll be able to advertise and promote products or services in line with their interests.

In Conclusion

Email marketing is termed the best marketing strategy over social media and advertising through search engines. It has a Retun On Investment of over 4400%, which is a lot. Email marketing is the most effective way to grow brand loyalty and also improve sales. It carries your customers along with the growth process of your business.
And the best part is that the whole process can be fully automated, so less stress.
Don't miss out on the benefits of digital marketing because you think it's outdated, it's not. I hope you consider adding email marketing to your marketing strategies if you haven't.
Have a nice day.

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