Find Out Why Smartphones are Taking Over the World One App at a Time

Shalom Solomon

Smartphones are gradually taking over from mobile phones and desktops even laptops, they are becoming even more smart by the day with developers coming up with new applications. Today, we have careers built on the use of smartphones such as social media influencers, phone photograph, etc.
In recent years, search engines and social media platforms are optimizing their operations to priotize and support mobile use. Infact, Google the most popular search engine has made mobile friendliness one of it's top ranking factors for websites.

Almost everybody in the modern world owns a smartphone. According to ReviewFl, more people worldwide, now own a cellphone than a toothbrush. That means people value the services a smartphone offers over their hygiene (lol).
Statistics holds that of the 7.67 billion people in the world, 3.8 billion people own a phone and 2.71 billion of them are smartphone users.
And these numbers are expected to increase by several hundred millions in a few years.

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What is a Smartphone?

A smart phone is a mobile device that can fit into the palm of a person's hand and can perform the basic functions of a phone such as calling and texting and also perfo advanced functions such as internet connectivity, music and video player, etc.
A Smartphone is basically a mobile phone that can perform some or all the functions of a computer with internet access, a touchscreen interface and an operating system that can run mobile applications.

Why are Smartphones so Popular?

These days everyone both young and old even children, own at least one smartphone. The reason is tied to the many functions smartphones carry out. Such as:

1. Communication

Smartphones enable people communicate through calls and texting. It's connection to the internet also allows for communication over the internet through messaging apps like WhatsApp, video conference apps like zoom and social media platforms like Facebook with chatting features.

2. Camera

All smartphones come with a camera, these days both in front and back. Users can take pictures and preserve special moments using their smartphones. The cameras can also make videos of this special moments so users can share with others or reminiscence when they want to.

3. Internet Access

This is probably the second biggest function of a smartphone. It gives access to the internet through WiFi connection or using mobile network providers as the case is with Nigeria. The internet is the portal to the virtual world where a myriad of activities that are related and at times control the real world take place.

4. Use of Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications are becoming very popular in recent years. Smartphones support the use of Mobile Applications with advanced functions. Almost every website on the internet has a mobile application and smartphones enable people access the services of such apps with ease. 
With applications, the functions of a smartphone are unlimited; there is an app for almost anything you want from transactions, shopping, ordering for food, games, music players, video players even applications for coding.

5. Serve as Storage Devices

Smartphones serve as storage devices for all kinds of files. From PDF files, documents to music and videos in mp3 and mp4 formats or otherwise.

There are other factors that have contributed to the rising popularity of smart phones. They include:

1. Social Status

Smartphones are seen as indicators of a person's status in the society. For instance, it is assumed that anyone using iPhone 12 Pro Max is balling (you have to be to spend almost 1 million on a phone). People strive to buy iPhones not just for their great feature but also for the addition it gives to the social status.

2. Ease of Use and Access

Smart phones unlike the traditional computer does not require special training to use. The apps are very easy to use and almost anybody can learn how to use smartphones on their own.
Smartphones make it easy to carry out functions that are normally tasking. The fact that it holds applications for almost everything makes it seem like you have an office in the palm of your hand. You can scan documents on apps and add them to a portfolio on the internet, all on your phone.

3. Social Trends

A lot of social trends like the TikTok challenges going round are centered on the use of a smartphone. These days it is a norm or rather expected for everyone to have a social media account. Infact some jobs require applicant to submit their social media handles especially LinkedIn and Twitter; this is especially true for jobs like digital marketing.

4. They are Cheaper than Actual Computers

Using a smartphone is most attimes cheaper than a computer which might require you to buy a camera, microphone, speaker, scanner, an alarm clock and so on. A smartphone is a box of various functions which has led people to rely on it to carry out daily activities.


With the myriad of functions a smartphone offers, that has placed the world literally in the palm of our hands, it is no surprise that it has grown in popularity. The issue of lockdown during the pandemic saw the rise of things like online classes for students and pupils of every level of education, the boom in e-commerce, meetings held online etc. Therefore making life easier for smartphone users and pushing those without it to acquire one for themselves.
It is estimated that by 2025 over half the world's population would have a smartphone.
It's obvious that smartphones are here to stay.

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