Design Your Business Logo Yourself

Shalom Solomon

Logos on their own are a huge important part of a business' brand. They, along with the business name, constitute the brand identity of a business.
Logo design, is the process of creating logos, using components such as the brand values, shapes, colour, font style and logo type. 
Now, designing a logo can be expensive especially, if you employ the services of a professional. 

According to Damilare, a Branding Specialist in Nigeria, professional logo design would cost at least 200,000 with a maximum of millions. 
Well, this amount is acceptable for established businesses or startups with high capital. 
For small businesses owners or startups who do not have that level of income, how do you go about designing your logo?

Well, you could take a course on graphic design and digital marketing, but that would take an awful long time to complete. There's an easy   alternative, logo design tools. There are free logo design makers, online that would enable you create and design your business logo with minimal effort. Some of them require a little amount before download and some are totally free from start to finish.
Below, we'd examine some of these tools and their basic features.

1. Canva

We'd start with Canva, because it is a common design resource for graphic designers and bloggers. It has a vast collection of editing tools and templates for social media posts, blog posts, infographics, photo editing and of course it's logo design tool.
It has the following features for logo design:
  • Editing tools
  • Drag and drop graphics
  • Font editor - font style, size, weight and colour
  • Customizable logo design templates
  • Free PNG and PDF download

2. Logomakr

Is another great, online logo design resource.  It has a very simple easy to use interface with drag and drop editing features that would ensure your final result is in vector format and 100% original. Although it's font editor is a bit limited, it has the following features:
  • Video manual
  • graphic editing options
  • Colour, shapes, style and font editor
  • Low Res free download (suitable for websites and email signature)
  • Hi-Res download in Premium version for $19

3. Looka

Looka is a great full packaged logo design and branding resource tool. It features a great brand kit suitable for start ups with templates for emails, business cards, letter heads, social media posts and so much more. Unlike other logo design tools, it requires a monthly subscription which is also pocket friendly. It's features includes
  • Customizable logo templates
  • Full brand kit
  • Full ownership of logo
  • Basic Subscription (monthly) $4.99
  • Premium Subscription (monthly) $7.99

4. Free Logo Design

Free logo design is another very easy to use logo design tool. It is easily the only design tool with the best UX and an intuitive interface. Every step is clearly defined for the user from the onset, so, you can be done with your whole logo design process in a few minutes.
It's features
  • User friendly interface
  • Font, icon and colour editor
  • Offers free low-res download
  • Hi-Res download for $39
  • Website and logo for $129

5. Markmaker

Markmaker like Canva is a totally free logo design tool. Unlike Canva though, it uses a completely different approach to logo design and editing. The user enters the company name first and is then presented with a list of suggestions. You'd slide or click through and click or tap on the ones you like. The software would filter the next suggestions based on your preferences. Once you find a logo you like, you can further tweak it using the software's editor and download your logo.
It's features
  • Customizable Templates
  • Font and colour editor
  • Free download in PNG and SVG format

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