Building Blocks of a Great Logo Design

Shalom Solomon

Business logos are a vital component of any brand's identity. They are primarily meant to carry and convey the message of a business brand in at least a glance.  These are not the only roles business logos play, they are also vital for all marketing and advertsing efforts put out by a business. We've  discussed these at length in previous post.

In order to get a great business logo that would effectively play these vital roles in your business, your logo should be
  • Simple 
  • Memorable
  • Timeless
  • Unique
  • Relevant, and
  • Versatile

Now, the above characteristics would serve as guides in the process of designing your business logo. 
The design of your business logo consists of certain elements which when used accurately would produce a logo that reflects your brand's ideals and serve the purpose for which it was designed. These elements are the basic building blocks of your logo design.

What are these all important blocks that make up a business logo?

The components or building blocks for every logo design includes: 
  • Brand values
  • Logo Type
  • Shape of logo
  • Colour of the logo, and
  • Font style

Brand Values

The values and core nature of your brand are the major ingredient in your logo design. This is because your brand logo is meant to convey the whole message of your brand. So, in order to become the face of your brand's identity, it has to be designed with the core values of the brand itself. For instance, your business or company is a friendly, community based type, your logo should convey this to anyone seeing it.

Type of logo

The business logo type is also a imponent of your logo design. There are quite a number of logo types we'd briefly touch a few common ones below: 
1. Icons
These are quite common and popular. They are also quite effective too, because they are simple and very memorable, businesses tend to most often opt for icons as their logo types. Common examples are the Apple icon and the Twitter bird.

2. Letter Types
These logos are in form of texts. They can be the full name of your brand if your business name is short like CocaCola, Dell, or Google. If it's on the lengthy side, you'd need an abbreviated version like BBC, CNN or WWE.
3. Combination Type
These type logos are made up of a combination of icons and letter types. They are ideal if the icon for your logo is not sufficient enough to convey the full image of your brand. A good example is LinkedIn. There are other types like emblems, mascots, etc.

Shape of your logo

The shape of a business logo is a component of a logo design that determines the relevance of the logo to the business image itself. Different shapes hold different meanings in logo design. 
Sharp edges: are ideal for formal businesses as they portray an image of power, strength and order.
Circles or Rounded edges: portray a community like image. Hence they are a great choice for less formal businesses, companies that want to build friendly relationships with their clientele.
Other shapes include lines, swirls, etc.

Colour of the logo

The colour of your business logo should be a part of your brand colours or a combination of your brand colours if you have more than one. It is just like the shape of your logo vital in communicating your brand's identity. Colours are interpreted in different ways by the emotions of your clientele. Hence, the colour of your logo should carry the general message of your brand. Red for instance depicts passion, happiness, love, etc. Blue conveys calm, capability, stability, etc. 

Font Style

 The font used in your logo design is also important. It should appeal to your target market, be relevant to your business and at the same time be flexible enough to be used on any surface or form. Common font types used for logo design are Serif, Sans Serif, Script, Modern, etc.
These elements make up your brand's logo. When you combine the values of your brand with the right type of logo, shape, colour and don't in a unified manner, you have a great business logo.
Thanks for reading :)

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