9 Unwritten Rules of Dropshipping You Need to Succeed

Shalom Solomon

Previously, we explored dropshipping as a business model and discussed competition as one of it's drawbacks. This is partly due to the fact that the digital market place is well populated with quite a number of drop shippers. The internet, like the sky is big enough for every bird, is also big enough to accommodate every dropshipper.

It is left for the dropshipper to train his/her wings and fly right to secure a space in the digital market place. In order for this to happen, there are certain unwritten rules that would guarantee a measure of success in dropshipping business.
It wouldn't do well for one to go into any business without a few pointers to success. 
We've taken pains to write out the top tips some successful dropshippers agree  that would guarantee to success in the business.
Strap up, the ride just begun.

1. Establish your niche

A niche in business is a segment of a larger market. Just like in brick and mortar retail businesses, dropshipping also works best when you focus your efforts on one niche of the market.
This rule simply states, that you decide what kind of products you want to sell and who you want to sell them to.
Then find an agent that deals in that niche of the market. It can be as general as any kind of clothes, toiletries or as specific as children school shoes.
The beautiful thing about dropshipping is that it gives you the liberty to focus on a niche as you don't really need to stock up.
Establishing a niche would facilitate in cementing your name as a go to vendor for a particular kind of product. 

2. Test the waters first

Before selecting your supplier, test the services of the business first, don't throw all your money in at once. Dropshippers in the business advice that you start out small and understand the process of the business first before going all in.

3. Marketing Strategy

A lot of newbies in retail business feel that offering products at very low prices is sound marketing practice. Well, business experts say otherwise; it is poor practice to sell your products at very low prices in a bid to attract customers. It might work in the beginning but it would cost you in the long-run.
Think about it, customers you get because you sell products at ridiculously low prices would leave the moment you decide to start selling at regular prices. Though, giving discounts can work for a big dropshipping agency, small scale ones cannot afford it.
Sell quality instead and good customer service.

4. Offer Top-notch Customer Service

One major thing holding people back from making online purchases is the fear that they'd be ripped off or duped. 
Instead of offering your products at heavily discounted rates as a marketing strategy, try focusing on offering good customer service.
This would build your customer's trust in your business and your ability to deliver. This strategy would ensure long-term success and build customer loyalty. Customers would also refer you to others if you give good customer service.

5. Sell on as many digital platforms as you can

Your customers are scattered across different digital platforms. It's possible that a majority of them might be concentrated in one digital platform (like young people on tiktok or instagram) doesn't mean you'll ignore your prospective customers on other digital platforms even if they are few.
Market and sell on as many platforms as you can manage; on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, through emails, TikTok, etc.

6. Know Your Products

Before starting out, pick a niche you are familiar with so you don't end up ordering for unnecessary stuff or putting up products people won't buy. You'd be able to give advice to customers on what to buy, how to use products or solve small issues regarding the products if you are familiar with the said products.
For instance, you shouldn't dropship electronic products if you know next to nothing about electronics.

7. You can Buy from multiple Vendors

You can offer products from more than one supplier to give your customers variety. If one supplier has run out of stock for a product, you'll have options to get something similar from another vendor.

8. Offer Free Delivery

This is an open secret and customers fall for it all the time. Customers most often than not, patronize a vendor that offers free delivery over one that does not. You can lump the cost of delivery into the price of the item and offer free delivery to your customers.

9. Offer unique products

Standing out means you are different. And standing out means a peculiar customer base. Providing unique products with unique customer service to back it up would reduce competition and give more room for your business to grow.


Dropshipping is a very lucrative business even more so now that it is still relatively new in Nigeria. If you have money that you aren't using laying around in a commercial bank somewhere, invest in yourself and start dropshipping. With these tips, you wouldn't be in the dark about the navigation of dropshipping and it would give you an edge over competition.
Have a nice day...

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