15 Tools Every Digital Marketer Must Have in 2021

Shalom Solomon

The world is going digital; no, the world has already gone digital a long time ago. Digital marketing has been growing increasingly relevant in today's business and commercial world. Hence, in response to demand, more and more digital marketers and digital marketing trends are coming up everyday.

Therefore to remain at the top or climb to the top (if you aren't already there) of the digital marketing sector, you need the right effective tools to enable you achieve the best results.
We've compiled the best tools to enable you achieve the best in various important points of your digital marketing campaign.

Digital Analytics Tools

Digital analytics is the process of collecting, measuring, analysing and interpreting digital data to show users behaviour on a website, mobile app or social media platform.
Through digital analytics, companies and businesses can determine and monitor user behaviour across their online platforms, understand how their websites are used, determine their ROI and use collected data to find out if their marketing strategy is effective, if not, determine where the fault is coming from.
There are a myriad of tools that make this daunting process possible, easier and produce the best results. Some of the best, tested and tried by organisations and digital marketers around the world are:

1. Google Analytics Tools

The Google analytics tool has been used as a gold standard to measure the general performance of an organization's websites. It enables websites owners to optimize their internet marketing strategies, create marketing campaigns that targets the right audience and provides data aids in decision making.
But the best part and probably part of the reason it's so popular is because it is mostly free. It's very advanced features would require subscription (freemium).

2. Adobe Analytics:

Adobe Analytics enables you understand your users, identify issues with your website or mobile app, measure the effectiveness of your mobile app and understand how people interact with your digital experience  across devices.
Adobe Analytics Tools is a verified and popular alternative for Google analytics i.e, they share a spot at the top for digital analytics experts. Though, they both have their pros and cons; they are not exactly the same.

Google analytics for instance has intuitive dashboards that are easier to customize but difficult to share data with other users. Adobe Analytics on the other hand is more difficult to customize but much easier to share with other users.
Google analytics is perfect for beginner level digital Analytics but for a more advanced in-depth practice, Adobe Analytics Tools is the best as it requires training and some level of programming knowledge.

Email Marketing Tools:

Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy that involves sending emails to old and prospective customers. It aims at intimating them to the features and new updates of your company's products or services which they might be interested in. It is also an effective method for creating brand awareness.
Email marketing has been in practice as a digital marketing strategy for a long time because it has proven to be very effective. Also due to the fact that you can tailor the emails to suit the possible needs of the recipient based on data gathered on the reciepient's online activities or previous purchases.

Of course, you can't have just a few prospective customers, no? Also, sending personalized emails to thousands of reciepients is no joke. Imagine creating personalized emails for let's say 50,000 people across the world using traditional emailing; it would cost an awful amount of time, manpower, money and a lot more.
But, there are tools that make this obviously daunting task possible. Top of the shelf are:

1. OptinMonster

There are various methods to build an email list for email marketing. You can collect email addresses from business cards or buy an email list for example. These are not  advisable because your mails would go straight to the recipient's spam since you were not given permission to send mails. But getting your targets to fill an optin-form gives you the email addresses an permission to send as well.

OptinMonster is a widely accepted and used tool that enables the user to create smart option forms and A/B test them without the help of a developer.
OptinMonster although a great lead magnet, does not offer any free trials or version, it's paid all the way. Poptin, Sleeknote and Sumo are free alternative tools to OptinMonster.

2. Constant Contact

Constant contact is an email marketing tools that enables users send emails en masse to clients. It is a widely recognised email marketing tool. It has templates for creating professional emails with drag and drop editing tools. It enables you manage your subscribers and also track the performance of your mails. It can be used for free for the first 60days after which a subscription is required.

3. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is not only an email marketing tool it is also an SMS marketing software. It also has templates with drag and drop editing features. You can send 300 mails per day in it's free version. To send more, you'll need to opt for the paid version which starts at $25/month.
Other email marketing tools includes: MailChimp, Hubspot Email Marketing tool, etc.

Content Marketing Tools

Content marketing is a form of digital marketing that promotes and creates awareness for a brand using content such as videos, blog posts, infographics and so on based on the needs of the target audience. 
To remain at the top of the content marketing game, you'll need tools that would enable you create content that would grab and hold the attention of your target audience.

1. WordPress

WordPress is a content creation tool that offers marketers the tools needed to create a website or blog. It has a very easy to use platform for content creation, visitor trackings, uploading content and more pluggins to enable an effective content marketing process.
It has a free version that comes with a WordPress.com address (e.g xyz. WordPress.com) and 3G for storage.

2. Canva

Canva enables it users create captivating designs, logos, images and infographics for effective content marketing. It has templates with drag and drop editing tools to design business cards, logos and so on. Canva is free and requires a fee for as low as $1 for only premium images.


Visually is the go-to tool to find content creators online. They have a good record with renown companies and businesses such as Visa. They offer services for all kinds of content creation such as video creation, infographics, blog posts and so on.
For a price qoute which can be gotten in a twenty-four hours time, you have a team of professional working to give you the best content.

Search Engine Optimization Tools

Search Engine Optimization is important aspect every digital marketer needs to focus on. Building a strong SEO is essential for creating brand awareness and launching a successful digital marketing campaign. In order to achieve this, your content has to have keywords that would improve the crawlability of your website. 
There are tools that make one can utilize for effective Search engine optimization. They include

Social Media Marketing Tools

In present times people spend more and more of their time on social media platforms. Social Media marketing involves using these social media platforms to promote, create awareness and advertise your products and services. 
Tools for effective social media marketing campaign includes:

1. Tweroid

Tweroid is a social media tool that gives the user the best time to upload posts on Twitter for maximum engagement.

2. Woobox

If you want to run promotions or contests across social media platforms, Woobox is the tool for you. It helps you set up contests, promos, polls and so on, on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. And also enables you track the progress of the contest. It has a free version and it's paid version starts at $37/month.


Socedo is an AI powered software that helps you source automatically for people who fit into your target audience. It achieved this by gathering data on their activities on social media. You can now share content to the right audience.
Other social media marketing tools includes: 

Utilize the above tools to give your marketing campaign an edge and advantage over competitors for the attention of your audience. 
That's all for now.

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