10+ Tips for Marketing in the Music Industry

Shalom Solomon

The music industry is one big chaotic forest, there are too many genres of music, too many artists (good and terrible) and a massive amount of songs. 
So, for an upcoming music artist, how do you make your voice heard in all the noise? How do you make your music stand out? How do you get people notice and love your music? Basically, how do you market your music?

The fastest way to make it big and blow in the music industry is to get signed by a big record company like Mavins Records or YBNL. Not every artist can be as lucky as Korede Bello or Ed Sheeran; do you now wait with your songbook and guitar, praying for Olamide or Don Jazzy to notice you first?
Jon Bellion released his first mix-tape on Facebook and got over 11,000 downloads; without a record deal.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

So, how do you market your music?

1. Strategy
The first step for every adventure (trust me your music career is one), is strategizing, planning. Jumping of a boat and drifting with the waves is not a plan. Create a strategy.
What do you hope to achieve through your music? When do you plan to release an album? Do you have enough to finance your marketing campaign? Would you market your music yourself or go through an agent? How would you raise money for your Campaign?
Ask yourself all these important questions, write them down if you will and do your best to answer them.

2. Who is your target audience?

Target audience is a recurring inevitable term in marketing. Marketing for music is no exemption. You need to establish your target audience, outline who the people you hope to reach with your music and the people who are most likely to listen to your genre of music. They are the focal point of your campaign, every decision or effort should be done with your target audience in mind. 
For instance, Christian's are the target audience for Judikay's music, and totally different from that of Naira Marley. As such, their platforms and strategies for marketing their music would be as different as their lyrics.

3. Create a Website

When people Google your name or music, what comes up? Nothing? If this is your answer, that is not good at all . An upcoming artist would not have a lot of mentions if any on the internet, Wikipedia might not even mention you. It is up to you now to place yourself on the internet. 
How? Create a website. 
A one page website that features your story, few notable photos, your vison, your songs and download links is ideal.
You can use website development programs that already have templates you can edit, or better still employ the services of a skilled web developer. If you're looking for one, extrigs can give you a great one page website for a tiny sum.

4. Market on Social Media

The increasingly dominant presence of social media on the internet has carved and cemented its place in digital marketing. With over half the world's population on at least one social media platform, it would be unwise to not utilize these platforms for marketing your music. Marketing on social media is not only cheap, it also has a lot of traffic too. Mr Eazi found Joeboy through his content on social media.

5. Create and share your videos

Videos have always drawn the attention of people. Your music videos can too, if you use free platforms like tiktok or YouTube to share your music videos. Instagram is also a good platform to share your music video using reels.

6. Collaborate With Other Music Artists and DJs

DJs reach a lot of people through their gigs. Using DJs would these people to listen to your music at clubs, parties and events. Give your song to a DJ to tweak a little and add his/her mix-tape. 
Collaboration between artists is an old marketing technique. Many an artists have gained recognition after collaborating with another popular artist.

7. Music Influencers

Influencers have a large reach in their fan base. You can exploit this opportunity by placing your music on their platform. Social Media has provided a wide range of influencers with varying followers. Find an influencer within your target audience, you can use your track as background music on their videos or get them to share your music video. 
I recently discovered iam_yamaato through Jonny Drille's Instagram feed and I'm sure a lot of people did too. 
You don't have to go find a Jonny Drille, there are influencers among your friends and acquaintances you can put your music on their platform.

8. The Radio

Radio channels have been doing promotions for music and music artists for a long time. Your music on radio might cost a bit of money, but it would produce results, people would get to hear music. Also request or accept interviews on radio shows to.

9. Share on Streaming Platforms

There are a lot of music streaming platforms you can put your music on such as Amazon, Spotify, audiomack, ayoba, Apple music, etc.
10. Paid ads
If you have the money, paid ads on YouTube and Facebook or other platform like emails and search engines are a great way to put your music and brand in the minds of your target audience

11. Contests and Concerts

2019 BbNaija ex housemate Mike Edwards stated from the on set that his purpose for coming into the house was to create awareness for his brand in the Nigerian market. Did he win? No. But he got us (Nigerians) to know his name. 
I'm not saying y'all should go on Bbn,  there are a lot of music contests both local and national you can compete in. You might not win like Laycon or Efe, but you'd surely get the attention of your target audience.

12. Use Blogs

Music blogs are a good way to market your music. If you don't have enough to get on a popular music blog, I'm sure there are popular ones in your locality, use them. Their reach might not be large but some of your listeners are among their readers.
13. Content
Nothing sells more than content and talent.
Your musical content would take you places you've only imagined. Every one loves good music before going out and calling people's attention to your songs, make sure you have something worthwhile to give. It may be the beats or vibe (Naira Marley) or the dance moves  or the song in itself. Offer something of value.


Some of the tips listed here are new, some you have known to an extent. There is no defined path to, but there are pointers on each path to help you. These tips are gotten from observation, research and the experience of others who have made it in the music industry.
Yes, to blow in Nigerian music industry would require luck but the internet and technology has made things a lot easier. You can sing a cover in your bedroom post in on Instagram next thing your video has gone viral.

Luck works, but planning well before launching your music marketing campaign would guarantee a measure of success.
Please note that none of these tips are exclusive, you can use as many as you want to promote your music.
All the best, Good luck...

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